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Poinsettias, the quintessential Christmas plant, is a sign that the holidays are upon us. Order poinsettias and Christmas plants for same-day delivery to Jefferson City, Columbia, and other nearby neighborhoods from Busch's Florist & Greenhouse. Shop early for the best selection! Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Sending Christmas plants and poinsettias from Busch's Florist in Jefferson City, MO, is a timeless way to convey warmth, love, and the season's festive spirit. These living gifts bring with them not just a splash of holiday color but a deep symbolism that enriches the celebration of Christmas. With their star-shaped leaf pattern, Poinsettias are often associated with the Star of Bethlehem, making them a meaningful addition to any holiday decor. Their vibrant red and green colors symbolize the gifts of the Magi and are believed to represent good cheer and success, making them a perfect embodiment of holiday wishes. Beyond the poinsettia, other Christmas plants like Christmas cacti, amaryllis, and evergreens each carry their own stories and symbols, contributing to the tapestry of holiday traditions. Gifting these plants from Busch's Florist offers a way to share the joy and renewal of the season, providing a living reminder of the beauty of life and the continuation of growth, even in the coldest months.

The joy of receiving a Christmas plant from Busch's Florist lies in the thoughtful gesture, the burst of color it brings to one's home, and the lasting presence it holds. It often continues to thrive long after the holiday season has passed. It’s a sustainable, eco-friendly gift option that keeps the spirit of Christmas alive, encouraging care and attention as it grows. Such a gift is a heartfelt expression of connection and goodwill, embodying the essence of giving and celebrating life at this special time of year.

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