Standard Wrapped Bouquet *Will Call Only*

This wrapped bouquet features roses, alstroemeria, carnations, hydrangea, filler, and greens, all hand-tied with a Busch's bow.

Please be aware that, currently, this product is exclusively available for in-store pickup.

Step inside our sanctuary of blooms and behold the Standard Wrapped Bouquet from Busch's Florist, a celebration of nature's diverse beauty. Each element in this bouquet is a brushstroke in a verdant painting, hand-tied and waiting to bring joy to your every occasion. Classic roses, the very symbol of grace and sophistication, take center stage, their petals unfurling in a dance of color and texture. Tucked among these are the alstroemeria, which, with their striped petals, speak to enduring friendships and the intertwining of lives. The ruffled carnations echo with the timeless charm of an old melody, each one a note in a symphony of scents. A cluster of hydrangea blooms like a soft cloud, offering a backdrop of serenity. Wisps of filler flowers sparkle in the bouquet like stars in a twilight sky, and the lush greens provide a bed of tranquility for the colors to lie upon.

The finishing touch is a signature Busch's bow, a green and white striped emblem of our dedication to craft and care. While this wrapped bouquet is a visual feast, note it's an exclusive treasure for those visiting us in person. It’s a physical embrace that awaits to be cradled in your arms and carried home to brighten your sacred spaces.

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