Premium Wrapped Bouquet IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY

This wrapped bouquet features a premium assortment of roses, lilies, hydrangea, alstroemeria, gerbera daisies, filler, and greens and is tied with a Busch's bow.

Imagine cradling a bounty of nature's finest, meticulously selected for their beauty and vibrancy. We've woven together a tapestry of blooms to create the Premium Wrapped Bouquet from Busch's Florist, a masterpiece of floral artistry that captures the essence of grace and elegance. In this bouquet, the blushing roses whisper tales of love while the lilies, with their star-shaped blooms, resonate with purity and the joy of new beginnings. Lush hydrangeas offer a cloud-like softness, their voluminous presence a comforting embrace. The vibrant gerbera daisies are tucked within, their bold centers like little suns radiating cheer. With its delicate streaks, the alstroemeria brings a sense of whimsy and surprise, playing amongst the rich filler that fills the air with enchanting fragrance. Verdant greens frame this floral arrangement, a nod to the endless renewal that nature affords us.

Each bouquet is lovingly tied with a signature Busch's bow, a stripe of elegance that holds this verdure treasure together. To hold this bouquet is to hold a celebration of life's most cherished moments, each petal and leaf a testament to beauty's fleeting yet unforgettable nature.

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