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Posted by Busch's Florist on April 4, 2023 General

The Perfect Mother’s Day Blooms For Your Mom’s Unique Style

The perfect chance to thank our moms for their endless care, support, and love is, of course, Mother’s Day. For everything they have done and continue to do for us, honoring their dedication to motherhood with a collection of spring flowers is the least we can do. However, there is no “one flower fits all.” Every mom is one-of-a-kind, just like the blooms in our cooler. So, the experts here at Busch’s Florist, the best flower shop in Jefferson City, are sharing a guide to the perfect stems that speaks to her unique personality and fun character traits.

The Healthy Snack Mom

Whether they are homemade or storebought, this mom knows how to make any healthy snack taste delicious. From gluten-free to sugar-free and nut-free to dairy-free, she is always looking out for the nutrition of others, especially her kids. She is never without all-natural or organic goodies just in case someone needs to fuel up to get through the day. This passion for nutritional food is best represented by peonies. These blooms were originally harvested for their cooking and medicinal benefits in 1,000 B.C. Today, however, we recommend peonies as a sweet, fragrant, and lovely flower to admire on Mother’s Day – not to be consumed.

The “Always-On-The-Go” Mom

If your mom has that gone-with-the-wind, free spirit or is always on the move running between afterschool activities, family events, and the office, she is best represented by the “windflower” or an anemone. Named after their appearance, looking as if their petals were blown open by a gust of wind, anemones are just as delicate and graceful as they are striking and alluring. While your mother is on the move, seldom slowing down, anemones are the perfect reminder for her to relax and stop to smell the flowers.

The Trendy Mom

This mom has no problem embracing the latest styles, staying ahead of the curve, and being the trendiest person in the room. She can often be found browsing social media, reading fashion magazines, shopping, or chatting with her besties about current trends during brunch. The trendy mom is confident, spectacular, and daring like a protea. Blooming in the hottest color of 2023, Pantone’s Viva Magenta, protea are also showstopping flowers that steal the spotlight when included in any beautiful bouquet.

The “Say Cheese” Mom

We all know a mom who never puts down her camera in anticipation of the next beautiful moment that she can capture and cherish. She treasures family time and all of the precious moments that come with spending the day with loved ones. Like a classic rose, this mom is filled to the brim with joy and love. To top it off, roses are the most photographed flower around the world! Whether you present her with a monochromatic rose bouquet in her favorite color or a variety of hues offering thoughtful symbolism, she will surely be excited to snap a photo of her special Mother’s Day surprise.

The Pet Mom

The pet mom always prioritizes her furry friends, providing them with the utmost care and unconditional love every day. It’s not uncommon for her to rush home to ensure their needs are met or purchase extra treats and adorable accessories that match her own. Pet-friendly, bright, and cheerful gerbera daisies are the perfect flower to represent the pet mom. Gerbera daisies signify the innocence and loyal love that she shares with her fur babies and is an excellent bloom to remind her she is appreciated this Mother’s Day.

To celebrate the incredible moms that have impacted your life as you bloom and flourish into an adult, browse the collection of fresh spring arrangements from Busch’s Florist in Jefferson City.