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Posted by Busch's Florist on January 9, 2020 | Last Updated: January 13, 2020 Flowers

Why We Recommend Ordering Valentine’s Day Flowers Early

It’s January, heart-shaped chocolate boxes have arrived in stores, and Valentine’s Day will soon be here. The holiday is an important day for expressing your love for your sweetheart. Our experts at Busch’s Florist in Jefferson City are here to remind you that it’s essential to start planning for February 14th well in advance. This includes making dinner reservations, getting tickets to any events, and ordering flowers. When you have everything in order ahead of time, your significant other will feel very loved and special, making your Valentine’s Day a complete success!

Rose Rapture

Rose Rapture

Reasons You Should Order Romantic Flowers Early for Valentine’s Day

Save Money

Flowers are often sold at a reduced price throughout January, which means you could stand to save a lot of money if you order early for Valentine’s Day. The best part about saving money on a bouquet is that you can use your extra cash to do something extra-special and romantic on February 14th.

Easy Delivery Scheduling

Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for flower deliveries, which means delivery schedules book up fast. To make sure your V Day flower drop goes off without a hitch, order and schedule delivery while there are still plenty of time slots available. Be sure to provide our florist will as much delivery information as possible. For example, name, address, office floor or department, and a phone number.

Beat the Rush and Avoid Stress

Waiting until the last minute, when there aren’t many options left, will only make your Valentine’s Day stressful and hinder the romance. Order early so you can enjoy a special day with your loved one.

Get Your Choice

Millions of bouquets are delivered every year on Valentine’s Day, which means the most sought-after designs, colors, and flowers sell out quickly. Order early to be sure your first choice in flowers is still available.

Fresh Flowers and Florists

Before the actual week of Valentine’s Day, our florists are creatively energized and flowers are at their freshest. Ordering early means you’ll receive the best of the best.

12 Long-Stemmed Pink Roses

Long-Stemmed Pink Roses

How Soon Should You Order?

You can start ordering your V Day bouquets whenever you’re ready. Our flower shop is fully stocked with roses, and our florists are ready to start creating lovely bouquets for Valentine’s Day. We recommend ordering as you can, but no later than one week before Valentine’s Day to ensure you’re able to choose from a complete selection of romantic designs.

Choose a Local Jefferson City Flower Shop for Gorgeous Flowers

When you order your Valentine’s Day flowers from a local flower shop, you’ll only be surprised in the good ways — with consistently high-quality products, fresh flowers, and beautiful designs. Plus, you’ll never be hit with any unexpected processing or delivery fees, as is often the case when using nation-wide flower companies.

At Busch’s Florist, our flower experts are ready to help you choose the best romantic flower arrangement to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other. We welcome you to order online, over the phone, or to stop by our shop for personalized assistance.