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Posted by Busch's Florist on November 4, 2019 | Last Updated: November 6, 2019 Fall Flowers

Make Thanksgiving Memorable with Amazing Hostess Gifts

Being invited to a Thanksgiving feast is an honor and a blessing. You don’t have to cook! But you do have to plan if you want to make a good impression (and be invited back next year!). Bringing a hostess gift is more than just good etiquette- it’s also a great way to say “thank you” for the invite and might even be helpful. So what makes a great hostess gift?

Depending on the situation, there are plenty of gifts out there that are both appropriate and helpful. And, if making a good first impression is important this year, we’ve got you covered there, too. Here are just a few of the amazing gifts the floral designers at Busch’s Florist suggest you bring to your Thanksgiving host and hostess this year that will knock their socks off and make you an outstanding guest. 

Why Bring Gifts?

First of all, it’s truly in poor taste to show up empty-handed. Your host is spending large amounts of time, money and energy to put this day together. The least you can do is honor their efforts with a token of appreciation. But make sure your gift is truly a blessing and not a burden to your hostess. Here’s how:

  • Bring Something Simple: A gift that’s easy to display or use will be preferred over something complicated or that needs assembly. Remember, your hostess is super busy today. A lovely set of coasters, a new carving board or a set of trendy cheese knives are excellent choices. 
  • Bring Something Tasty: While your hostess may have the main meal covered already, no one turns away an extra dessert or a spare bottle of wine. Choose something you’re hostess, in particular, will love in case it gets saved for another day. 
  • Bring Something for Later: A fresh bag of fancy coffee or set of interesting teas along with a cute Thanksgiving mug will be something that can be enjoyed following the Thanksgiving celebration when your hostess finally has time to relax. 

Thanksgiving Wine

bags of coffee

Gourmet Coffee

Give Useful Hostess Gifts at Friendsgiving

This new-ish tradition is all about spending time with your tribe- the family you’ve chosen. It’s often celebrated on the weekend before Thanksgiving so as not to interfere with family plans.  Often, this gathering includes, and may be hosted by, those with limited resources and space. So, getting creative is key and your hostess gift can be uber-helpful.

  • Give Them Trendy: Since Friendsgiving is a gathering of close friends, bring a trendy gift you know they’ll love. A festive set of wine glasses, a new set of kitchen tea towels, or fancy handsoap for the guest bathroom all make great additions to your host’s home.
  • Give Them Pretty: A gorgeous centerpiece to grace their (possibly makeshift) table will be a lovely addition. Send our Classic Cornucopia ahead of time so it can be included in the tablescape.
  • Give Them Helpful: Bring along a few things your hostess might need, no matter how prepared they are. Extra ice, containers for leftovers, and decorative serving utensils will be useful and thoughtful.

Classic Fall Cornucopia

Make a Strong First Impression with Your Hostess Gift

If this is your first time meeting your spouse’s in-laws, or even if you just wish it was, you can make an excellent first impression with the hostess gift you present. Here’s how:

  • Keep It Personal: Use what you know about your hostess (or do a little research and find out what they like). Give a gift that speaks their language, like a coffee table art book for art lovers, a bottle of scotch for the liquor connoisseur, or a cute new apron for the chef. 
  • Keep It Thoughtful: Be aware of how hard your hostess is working and bring something that helps. A lovely set of hand soaps or cute pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters can be enjoyed anytime. Be sure to send a follow-up bouquet of flowers like our Beautiful Harvest Centerpiece the next day to thank you hosts for a lovely Thanksgiving.
  • Keep It Traditional: When in doubt, stick to tried-and-true traditional hostess gifts. A bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine or a fall-scented candle are always enjoyable and will let them know you’re thankful for their hard work. 
pretty purple flowers in vase

Beautiful Harvest Centerpiece

Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates

Give Hostess Gifts That Make Memories

There’s something comforting about the familiar. If your Thanksgiving will mean being surrounded by the same relatives, in the same house, eating the same food (after all, it’s not Thanksgiving without Aunt Carol’s famous corn casserole!), plan to bring a hostess gift that will shake things up and help everyone make new memories together. 

  • Make It Fun: Bring a game everyone can play or watch. Your hostess will be thankful to have some of the entertainment taken care of and hopefully can find a few minutes to join in the fun. 
  • Make It Memorable: Give your hostess something they’ll be able to keep once the day is done. A painted wooden sign that reads “Thankful” or a set of blank cards to place at each seat allows guests to leave a note about what they’re thankful for this year. Your hostess can keep or display the notes later. 
  • Make It Whimsical: A hostess gift they didn’t expect is the best kind. A lovely fall throw blanket, a new book by their favorite author or an aromatherapy air diffuser are great ways to encourage your hostess to relax when the event is over. 

Conversational Games

Your Thanksgiving experience can be something special when you bring a thoughtful hostess gift tailored to your host’s specific tastes. Make sure they know you’re thankful for them and the effort they put into such a blessed day. For more great ideas, talk to the floral designers at Busch’s Flowers. We’re here to help you have the best Thanksgiving ever.