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Posted by Busch's Florist on September 21, 2020 | Last Updated: September 23, 2020 Flowers

Top House Plants for Beginners

Keeping plants in your home is a terrific way to freshen your space, decorate on the cheap, and enjoy the air-purifying benefits plants provide. If you’re new to owning plants, don’t worry! Taking care of plants is easy, especially if they are from the hard-to-kill list below. Continue reading to discover some durable, easy to grow, beautiful plants to bring into your home so you can enjoy the greenery and lovely look they provide

Easy to Grow Plants

Heartleaf Philodendrons

Also called the Sweetheart Plant, this is a pretty trailing plant with green, heart-shaped leaves with a high shine to them. There are also Philodendron varieties with beautiful yellow and green variegated leaves. Adaptable to most types of lighting conditions, this plant is a great starter plant. For maximum growth, put the plant in an area with a reasonable amount of indirect light and allow the soil to dry out between waterings. This is mildly toxic, so make sure to keep out of reach of pets and kids.

Snake Plant

This unusual plant has stiff, long vertical leaves with pointed ends. The sword-like leaves are dark green, sometimes variegated,  with margins of bright yellow.  This plant is very resilient and can manage low light or bright light conditions and a spotty watering schedule. The Snake Plant is a terrific air purifier — it converts CO2 into oxygen at night which makes it a great plant for the bedroom.

Ponytail Palm

As the name implies, this plant has long, thin, hair-like leaves that cascade  from the top resembling a ponytail. Actually a succulent and not a palm,  this is a no-fuss plant that needs very little care. It can endurea decent amount of neglect and favors being left alone, which makes it the perfect plant for people who are away from home a lot. They thrive in bright light and need water only when their soil has dried out.

ZZ Plant

Another plant that is a succulent, the ZZ plant has dark green, oval-shaped leaves with a waxy shine. The abundant leaves grow from vertical stems which gives the plant a lush look. The ZZ Plant is almost indestructible and can withstand adverse conditions like low light and drought. They’ll do fine if placed anywhere in the home, but prefer bright to moderate indirect light. Allow for soil to completely dry out before watering.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

The beautiful “Moth Orchid” is actually an easy orchid variety to grow indoors. Their beautiful, delicate blooms can last up to 4 months and  bloom up to twice a year. This is a forgiving plant that can live for 10 years. For best results, place in a low light area and avoid full sun. Water once a week when in bloom, and once the bloom is off, water every two weeks.

Money Tree Plant

The Money Tree plant is a low maintenance, easy to grow plant. Its  braided trunk gives this plant a quirky and unique appearance and its bright green leaves cheers up any space. Perfect for corners, the Money Tree plant can grow as high as six feet inside. Optimal conditions are moderate, indirect light with waterings when the top 2-3 inches of  soil is dry.