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Letting your partner know how much you love them isn’t always easy when you’re unable to spend time with them. Luckily, your friends at Busch’s Florist in Jefferson City, know just how to brighten your loved one’s day from afar. Sending romantic gifts, big or small, is a simple gesture that speaks volumes. Sure, phone calls and text messages allow you to express how you feel, but sometimes your actions speak louder than your words. Here are a few of our favorite romantic gifts to send to your love.

Seven Ways To Express Your Love From Afar

Long-Distance Touch Lamps

Your long-distance romance looks bright with this romantic gift idea for your sweetheart. A pair of Long-Distance Touch Lamps is the perfect way to instantly signal to your love that you’re thinking of them. Send different color messages to each other throughout the day to remind one another you’re there in spirit. What a fun way to communicate without the need for your phone.

Framed Map

A romantic gesture for your far away honey can be something that reminds them of a special memory, such as your first date or the place you met. Create a beautiful framed map of the significant spot so they can be reminded of the sweet memory or meaningful location they hold dear to their heart. You can also make it unique by selecting their home if they’re away, or your current location as their other half. Their heart might skip a beat each time they look at the photo and are reminded of your love.

Favorite Cookbook

When you can’t be there to cook your boyfriend or girlfriend their favorite meal, try spicing up their dinner from afar. Sending your significant other a novel cookbook, or one that includes a few of their favorite dishes is a unique romantic gesture to show you’re truly thinking of them. Set up a virtual cooking date, where you both prepare a meal out of their new book. It’ll be a fun way to catch up and connect while doing something special for dinner.

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

If you love gifting your partner meaningful photos from favorite date nights and adventures, you’ll love this idea. A special jigsaw puzzle created from a treasured photo or memory is perfect for your long-distance Valentine. They’ll love reminiscing as they spend time putting the pieces together. It’ll also help them pass the time until you’re able to be together again.

“What I Love About You” Book

Create your own special gift, right from your heart to send to your long-distance beau. Plan ahead so you have time to fill in all the blanks in a “What I Love About You” book that they can cherish forever. Your significant other will adore being able to read a few pages here and there anytime they start to miss hearing your sweet compliments.

Treat yourself to a tub of bubbly and soak in the bliss rich in replenishing bath with a special blend of soothing scents, moisturizers and skin-pampering Green Tea

Library of Flowers – Bubble Bath

Pamper your partner from afar with our luxurious Library of Flowers Bubble Bath. Available in three different scents, Forget Me Not, True Vanilla, and Willow & Water, these silky suds will leave your love feeling relaxed, moisturized, and ultra-pampered. How romantic it is to gift your long-distance partner some “me time” in such a beautiful way.

A dozen gorgeous red roses are the perfect romantic gift to send to the one who's always on your mind and in your heart

Always On My Mind – Long Stemmed Red Roses

If the history books and literary works got it right, then you won’t be able to go wrong with a stunning bouquet of perfect crimson red roses. Our arrangement “Always On My Mind” will convey to your long-distance lover just how much they mean to you and that they truly have a permanent residence in your mind and heart. They’ll be reminded of your love and romance each time they see these beautiful blooms.

Still wondering what the perfect romantic gift for your love is? The answer might be closer than you think. Our experts at Busch’s Florist always recommend choosing something from the heart. There’s nothing more romantic than the thought of spoiling your favorite Valentine.