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Posted by Busch's Florist on May 22, 2023 General

Prescious Botanical-Inspired & Symbolic Names for Babies

Botanical-inspired names are a source of endless wonder and whimsy. Nature offers an abundance of options for both classic and old names, as well as modern and unique ones for baby boys and girls and even our precious fur babies. From the delicate beauty of a rose to the bold and exotic charm of a lotus flower, each botanical offers a unique and meaningful name that reflects its essence. Whether you’re looking for a name that symbolizes strength, grace, or beauty, Mother Nature has got you covered. After taking a look at the list below curated by your friends here at Busch’s Florist, the top flower shop in Jefferson City, you will discover that the possibilities are truly limitless. If you’re looking for a beautiful, symbolic name for your new bundle of joy, Mother Nature is the perfect source of inspiration.

Names Connected to Happiness

Discover the beauty of symbolic and pretty names inspired by botanicals like Sweet Pea. With its delicate blossoms,  Sweet Pea represents tenderness and beauty. Clementine, like the pale orange flower, symbolizes joy and vitality. Taking a cue from the ash tree, Asher, meaning “happy” in Hebrew, embodies a sense of positivity and contentment. While these names offer a delightful way to honor nature’s wonders, they will also fill your child’s life with joy and happiness.

Names to Symbolize Love

The first time you hold your little one, a wave of love unlike anything you’ve ever known washes over you. In this moment of profound emotion, picking a name that embodies this love feels like the perfect choice. You might consider the name Rose, an evergreen symbol of love and affection. Or perhaps Lily, which in its elegant simplicity represents purity and deep devotion. If you’re looking for a boy’s name, Leif is an evocative option that translates to “heir of love’s inheritance.”

Names Linked to Beauty

Beauty isn’t just about physical attractiveness; it also refers to inner qualities like kindness, love, and joy. Giving your baby a name that symbolizes beauty is a way to honor their elegance and grace that is found both inside and outside. Calla, which comes from the calla lily, translates to “beautiful” in the Greek language. Daisy, an old and timeless name represents innocence and beauty. Finally, Jasmine means “gift from God” in Persian and symbolizes beauty, grace, and elegance.

Names Signifying Strength

There’s something truly amazing about bringing up your kid to be brave and strong. Starting this right from day one can make a huge difference. The natural world, full of strength, resilience, and valor, is the perfect place to find inspiration, especially from blooming flowers and sturdy trees. Take Iris, for example, which stands for faith and strength. Then there’s Yarrow, a super cool name that means courage, strength, and never giving up. And let’s not forget Zinnia, a name that’s all about hanging tough, even when times get hard.

Names Representing Creativity

Giving your child a name that’s all about creativity is a fun and unique way to encourage them to be inspired and express themselves. With nature overflowing with creative ideas, it’s the perfect place to look for a different name for your baby or pet. Take Cosmo, for example. This is a dainty and charming flower that represents the endless possibilities and creative spark of the universe. Dahlia and Marigold are also two lively and joyful names that stand for passionate creativity.

Naming a child is a unique and personal experience that carries a great deal of significance. While you carefully consider the meaning and symbolism behind each option and select one that resonates with your family’s values and traditions, welcome your little one with a fresh bouquet of blooms from Busch’s Florist. There is nothing better than celebrating these precious moments with flowers.