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Posted by Busch's Florist on June 11, 2020 | Last Updated: June 17, 2020 Flowers

Flower ID Apps You Should Have if You Love Flowers

If you’ve ever swooned over a beautiful flower and wished you knew it’s name and everything else about it, well now you can – in seconds! Just take out your smartphone, snap a photo of the flower or plant you are admiring and immediately receive detailed information about it. These apps turn you into a plant and flower expert!

This lovely bouquet includes purple hydrangea, light pink spray roses and white asiatic lilies arranged in our vibrant violet glass cube.

Of course, you could also just visit Jefferson City’s best florist shop, Busch’s Florist & Greenhouse, and ask one of our flower experts, but until then, download one of these top identifier apps.


Flower Identifier Apps for Flower Lovers


What’s That Flower?

Instead of uploading a picture, this app asks a few basic questions about the plant or flower you want identified. Select the color, habitat, and number of petals and you’ll immediately be provided with matching results of what it could be. Additionally, each result has detailed information on the flower with a gallery of additional images and its taxonomy as well. This app is free or you could pay for an ad-free premium version.



Just upload a photo of a flower or plant and get a result immediately with the PictureThis app.  Calling itself a “botanist in your pocket,” this app uses artificial intelligence technology to identify user’s submissions and claims a 99% accuracy rate. So far, over 27 million plants have been identified. Additionally, PictureThis offers plant care tips, plant disease identification, and pest control information along with a social network for plant lovers. This is a subscription-based app but offers a free 7-day trial.



One of the more popular identification apps, FlowerChecker doesn’t use computer technology to identify plants and flowers, rather it uses real expert botanists who analyze every photo. Just submit a photo of a plant or flower you want identified (they can also identify unknown moss, fungi, and lichen), and within moments you will be given a result. Most IDs are delivered in less than an hour, while some may take several hours. Because humans are involved rather than computers, they claim a higher accuracy rate and also charge .99 cents for each correct identification. If they cannot identify your submission, you will not be charged.



PlantNet is a free app and was developed by scientists. It uses visual recognition software to scan a photo on your phone and provide potential matches of the type of plant or flower you have a picture of. PlantNet has over 4,100 species of flora and continues to grow their database and “learn” every time a user adds to it. Besides plants, this app also identifies trees, conifers, grasses, ferns, vines, and cacti.

More Helpful Identifier Apps for Plants and Flowers

Plantix – Identifies plants, types of plant diseases, and various plant problems and has a lot of information on growing crops and other plants.

LeafSnap – Identifies tree species base on photos of their leaves.

PlantSnap – Identification app with over 625,000 species of plants, cacti, flowers, succulents, and mushrooms.

Finally, for all of the wildflower lovers, there are wildflower apps that cover the North American and Canadian regions.