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Posted by Busch's Florist on December 13, 2023 General

Express Your Love for Him on Valentine’s Day with Thoughtfully Chosen Flowers and Plants

It’s known that receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day makes men feel seen and cherished. According to a study from the Society of American Florists, 60% of men polled revealed they’d love to receive a bouquet. Flowers can also help men become more adept at communication, which spells good news for your relationship. If blooms aren’t quite right for him this year, there are many plants you can choose from that will bring out his nurturing side. At Busch’s Fresh Flowers & Fine Gifts, we’re exploring the finest botanicals to gift the man in your life this Valentine’s Day. From classic choices to unique selections, we have you covered. 

Green Houseplants

Green plants in your space offer various advantages, making one an ideal Valentine’s Day present for your male partner this year. Thanks to the well-documented health benefits of plants, you’re essentially presenting him with improved health, reduced stress, and a better mood. Having one also allows him to express his nurturing side as he tends to it over time, giving it everything it needs to grow and thrive. This responsibility and connection symbolize his affection and care for the plant and, by extension, your relationship.


Succulents combine aesthetic appeal with simple needs, making them an ideal gift for a man with a hectic schedule; they provide hassle-free enjoyment. Placed on his work desk, they are conversation pieces, especially among plant lovers on his team. Succulents also embody resilience, as they endure harsh climates by storing fluid inside of their leaves and stems. As a present, they represent long-lasting love and perseverance in the face of adversity — a poignant reminder of your relationship’s fortitude and longevity.

Flowering Plants

Flowering plants, especially white orchids, bring a sense of tranquility to any space. Studies have demonstrated that the presence of these flowers can lower stress and anxiety levels. That’s why surprising him with a white orchid for Valentine’s Day reminds him of your concern for his wellness. Orchids are also not hard to care for, ensuring he can enjoy their benefits without hassle. When properly nurtured, orchids can live for a long time and bloom repeatedly, symbolizing the spirited resilience of love.

Bright Blooms

Everyone appreciates a display of love straight from the heart, and blooms symbolize affection. Studies show that 60% of men welcome the gift of a beautiful bouquet, making Valentine’s Day the perfect opportunity for a heartfelt gesture. With the abundance of flower varieties and hues they come in, you can customize the gift to align with his tastes and personality. You can also incorporate flower symbolism and color meaning to convey an impactful message. By opting for flowers appealing to his senses, you show consideration and insight into his preferences.

Red Roses

Red roses aren’t reserved solely for wives and girlfriends; boyfriends and husbands will also hold these timeless symbols of love and dedication dear on Valentine’s Day. They signify that romance transcends gender and is a universal sentiment anyone can embrace. The sight and aroma of red roses can elicit deep emotions, invoking feelings of delight, warmth, and solace. Your gift will profess your love and create a wonderful, memorable experience for the man you love.

Presenting flowers, plants, or succulents to your male partner on Valentine’s Day is a gesture that celebrates life and growth. These gifts bring beauty into his environment and offer the benefits of cleaner air and reduced stress. Let the team at Busch’s Fresh Flowers & Fine Gifts help you choose a gift that symbolizes your love and care.

60% of men would love to receive blooms