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Choose Blue Flowers for an Extraordinary Gift

Surprise someone with an extraordinary arrangement of blue-colored flowers. Less common but very striking, blue flowers have a remarkable presence. Ranging from light powder blue to vibrant mid-range blues and deep, dark blues, whatever the tone you’re going for, you can say it with blue florals. Here at Busch’s Florist, we love the amazing versatility blue blooms have. Below you will find some of our favorites.

The Most Beautiful Blue Flowers

Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea

Elegant, sophisticated, and lush, Blue Hydrangeas are breathtaking. They grow in shades from light to dark depending on the alkalinity of the soil. Blue hydrangeas symbolize a deep understanding and strong feelings of love.

Blue Delphinium

Blue Delphinium

A fabulous floral with a bunch of gorgeous blue blooms grouped together, blue delphiniums are another lush and bountiful flower. Representing new opportunities and encouragement in chasing your dreams, this is a flower that gets noticed.

Blue Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth

Resembling a bunch of grapes, the orb-shaped blooms of the Grape Hyacinth grow in a large cluster at the end of their stems. With a beautiful light blue that gradually becomes a darker shade toward the bottom, these florals are real showstoppers. The grape hyacinth symbolizes jot, prosperity, and rebirth.

Blue Bellflower against a white background


With blooms in the shape of a bell, the lovely Bellflower also comes in several different colors such as light purple, pink, white, and blue. These long-stemmed beauties make great cut flowers and their brilliant blue compliments any arrangement. Bellflowers are associated with the realm of fairies and symbolize humility, reverence, and gratitude.

Blue Asters in a field of green

Blue Aster

In ancient times, asters were considered magical flowers that could drive away evil spirits as well as have healing properties. These daisy-shaped blooms symbolize love, patience, and elegance.

Blue Morning Glory in bush of greenery

Morning Glory

An ornamental floral frequently used in weddings, the morning glory is a saucer-shaped flower that blooms in the morning and dies in the evening. The flower symbolizes love and its duality, meaning it represents eternal love and affection as well as unrequited love and longing. Either way, it’s still a striking blue flower.

Forget Me Not Flowers


This adorable blue flower may be tiny but its bright blue color makes it worth remembering. A 15th-century legend states that wearers of this flower would not be forgotten by their loved ones. A symbol of faithful love and loving memories, forget-me-not are often used in romantic celebrations.

Blue cornflowers growing


A stunningly beautiful blue flower, the cornflower is also known as the bachelor button flower. Single men used to wear the cornflower on their lapel while courting someone. If the flower died quickly, it would indicate the love is not reciprocated. These bright blue blooms symbolize hope in love, celibacy, and blessedness.

Blue Orchid blooms up close

Blue Orchid

Orchids are exotic, beautiful flowers cherished by many people, but blue orchids are exquisite, rare, and remarkable as well as highly coveted. The Aztecs and Greeks regarded blue orchids as symbols of strength and virility. These gorgeous blooms also represent perfection, opulence, beauty, and luxury.

single Blue Anemone against green leaves

Blue Anemone

The beautiful blue anemone can brighten any home with its charming simplicity and lovely fragrance. Believed to bring luck and protection against evil, blue anemones are also known for being magical and bringing peace of mind.

exquisite mix of white and blue blossoms

Blue Horizons

For something different yet special and striking, go blue the next time you want to send flowers to someone or to freshen up your space. Peruse our selection of florals now to find the perfect arrangement.